HRV:Phase Two

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Phase 2: Signal Analysis and Processing

This second phase of the project will involve the analysis of the ECG in order to investigate variations in heart rate and their physiological and clinical significance. The beat by beat variations in heart rate are usually referred to as heart rate variability or HRV.

The initial part of this phase of the project will be to develop signal processing methods to accurately extract from the ECG the beat by beat variations in heart rate. This will require the group to obtain sections of ECG from the Internet and then develop the methodology to extract the HRV. Once this has been achieved, the group will need to carry out an in-depth analysis of the HRV in relation to respiration, blood pressure and temperature regulation and its relationship to these underlying physiological systems. This should be done in both the time and frequency domains.

The final phase of the project will comprise the group showing in detail how their findings, in terms of the signal analysis they have undertaken, might affect the improvement of cardiorespiratory monitoring in the ITU.