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CAMRI MRI Scanner Pricing Structure

Scanner usage is charged at $500/hr which includes the assistance of an MR technologist (subject to availability). Prepaid time is only available under exceptional circumstances.


  1. Before data collection can begin, the PI must attend all necessary training and submit required documentation, including an IRB-approved protocol and consent form. Click here for an IRB proposal template.
  2. CAMRI has a Pilot Time Program to reward frequent users and allow for the collection of preliminary data for new projects.
  3. Scanner time and MR technologist assistance must be reserved using the iLab online scheduler. The minimum duration of a scan session is one hour.
  4. Time used to scan phantoms or tissue samples will be charged at $175 per hour.
  5. Billing is automatic, based on the amount of scanner time reserved in iLab. After a reservation is made, users have 24 hours to modify or cancel it without charge. If reserved time is not used for any reason (including subject no-show, subject failure to meet screening criteria, experimental difficulties, or any other reason) users will be charged the full rate for the unused time, unless the user reports the cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the start of the reserved time (allowing other users a chance to use the time) in which case the user will be charged at half the normal rate. Cancelled time can be paid with the usual payment methods or a user's accrued pilot time (Pilot Time Program).
  6. Credit cards are accepted but prices will be 4% higher than those listed above (equal to the fee charged by our credit card processing service).