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Please be aware that Fiscal year 2022 pricing changes will take effect June 1st and consists of the following changes in regards to training prices:

  • MRI Safety Course- No charge
  • $250/hr for level 1 training
  • $500/hr for level 2 training

Training Policy

MRI training is broken down into 3 stages:

  • Introductory stage (Mandatory for all users working in CAMRI)

  • Level 1 (Supervised user)

-Users that will be around the scanner (e.g., bringing in participants, attending scans to run functional tasks, etc) need to have Level 1 training.

-Level 1 training is charged for the first session of training at $250. This session includes one on one training with Lacey for hardware, safety, and protocol procedures specific to your study.

  • Level 2 (Advanced user)

-Groups that want to schedule after hour or scan without CAMRI staff will need to have at least one staff member who is Level 2 trained to attend all sessions.

-Level 2 training is charged for the first session and the testing out session. Each session is $500.

Any questions regarding training or to sign up for a training session please contact Lacey DeLay at

Information on Training Sessions

Introductory stage (Currently being taught via zoom)

This user has only taken the 1 hour MRI safety course that is taught monthly. They are allowed to work in CAMRI but they are not allowed to work around the scanner without taking level 1 training.

• If the user has a Baylor badge they will get access to CAMRI upon the completion of the MRI safety course.

• This class is taught once per month and if you are more than 15 minutes late you will need to reschedule for next month.

• All participants will fill out screening forms to ensure they are safe to work in the MRI environment.

Level 1 (Supervised User)

  • Can apply for after MRI safety course.

This user has successfully completed the MRI safety course and the level 1 training session. The level 1 training session is a 1-hour session in the MRI scanner to learn hardware, safety procedures and review MRI safety course material.

• This user will maintain one’s own safety in a limited set of conditions. They are not responsible for participants and cannot be left alone in the scan room or control room with a participant.

• This user will need to be supervised by a level 2 user at ALL TIMES!

• Hand access to magnet rooms will not be granted until level 2 training is completed.

• This level is REQUIRED to work in MRI environment but only UNDER SUPERVISION (Level 2 Advanced User)

Level 2 (Advanced Independent User)

  • Can apply for after completion of level 1 training.

This user has successfully completed the MRI safety course and the Level 1 training session. For advanced users, there is an initial 1.5-hour training session with Lacey to learn the software of the scanner and review level 1 training. After completion of the initial training session, the user must shadow their lab members and practice scanning with their lab until they feel confident to perform ALL scanning steps on their own (Including stimulus and functional tasks). Once the user feels they are ready they can schedule a day to test out with Lacey. (Testing out consists of both a written test and a mock scan to demonstrate scanning skills and safety procedures). 80% or better on both testing areas is required to successfully pass level 2 training. If a user fails the test they will need to log at least 3 scanning sessions with their lab before they can try again. A mock test is also required if the user failed previously. Once the user successfully tests out they will receive a BCM badge, badge access to the scan rooms, and the ability to scan subjects on their own. Independent users have the ability to utilize the CAMRI facility after hours and on weekends as well.

• Level 2 users are highly trained and experienced personnel that can scan independently on their own.

• They must work constantly in the MR environment to maintain certification and not take long breaks in usage to maintain training skills.

• Completion of level 2 training qualifies these users to oversee level 1 trainees.

• Once level 2 training is complete the user will be granted hand access to magnet rooms. If the user does not have a Baylor badge then they will receive one once they pass their test.


Helpful PDF resources

A PDF copy of CAMRI's scanning safety manual can be found: Here.

A PDF document for beginning MRI user basics can be found: Here.

A PDF of MRI safety talk for all participants can be found: Here.

Learning about Neuroimaging

Helpful link with information on neuroimaging and functional MRI classes: