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Brain picture

Wednesdays from 11 am - noon (Central Standard Time; UTC -6) in the CAMRI Conference Room, Smith 104G
Directions to CAMRI are here.
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CAMRI has a weekly CAMRI Neuroscience Seminar Series and Journal Club (CNJC). It breaks for summer holidays, winter break, and other major holidays such as Thanksgiving. The Seminar Series features leaders in the field of human neuroscience discussing their latest research. The series is a mixture of physical and virtual seminars given over Skype. On weeks with no seminar series, there will be a journal club whose purpose is to discuss high impact, insightful articles from all areas of human neuroscience, especially functional and anatomical MRI. The format is an interactive, open forum with a primary presenter and the full participation of the audience. This journal club will provide a learning environment for the critical analysis of journal articles, presentation skills, and experimental design. It is affiliated with the Neuroscience Graduate Program of the Neuroscience Department and has a home page here:

1/17/18 Cancelled due to ice storm
1/24/18 Per F. Nordmark, Umea University. Central neural processing of tactile signals from the hand in health and after peripheral nerve injury- structural and functional changes in the brain investigated with MRI
1/31/18 Micah Murray, University of Lausanne
2/7/18 Adeen Flinker, New York University
2/14/18 Tal Yarkoni, University of Texas at Austin
2/21/18 Brice Kuhl, University of Oregon
2/28/18 Maital Neta, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
3/7/18 Marina Bedny, Johns Hopkins University
3/14/18 Houston-Area School Spring Break
3/21/18 Mark Lescroart, University of Nevada, Reno
3/28/18 Sven Bestmann, University College London
4/4/18 Anthony Ho-Ling Liu, MD Anderson Cancer Center
4/11/18 Angie Laird, Florida International University
4/18/18 Dobromir Rahnev, Georgia Institute of Technology
4/25/18 Felipe De Brigard, Duke University
5/2/18 Steven M. Nelson, Doris Miller VA Medical Center, UT-Dallas, Baylor University
5/9/18 Ladan Shams, UCLA
5/16/18 Sook-Lei Liew, University of Southern California
5/23/18 Paul Sajda, Columbia University
Summer Break

9/5/18 Lori Holt, Carnegie Mellon University
9/12/18 Stephen Wilson, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
9/19/18 Bart Rypma, University of Texas at Dallas
9/26/18 Petra Vetter, Royal Holloway Hospital, University of London. Sound decoding in early visual cortex.
10/3/18 Wim Vanduffel, University of Leuven
11/7/18 SFN
11/21/18 Thanksgiving Week
Holiday Break

To Be Rescheduled: Alex Huth, University of Texas at Austin
Marc Himmelbach, University of Tuebingen
Kate Watkins, University of Oxford
Adam Aron, University of California, San Diego

Previous Speakers
Fall 2017
9/6/17 Tom Liu, University of California, San Diego. Nuisance Regression in fMRI: Use, Misuse, and Limitations 
9/20/17 Brad Mahon, University of Rochester
9/27/17 Faculty Candidate Skype Interviews
10/4/17 Avniel Ghuman, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Temporal dynamics of face and word processing in the human fusiform.
10/17/17 Elliot Smith, Columbia University. Distributed temporal processing of decision conflict in human medial and lateral prefrontal neuronal ensembles. Special faculty candidate seminar (Tues. 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., snacks provided).
10/18/17 Pascal Belin, Institut de Neurosciences de La Timone, CNRS & Aix-Marseille Université. A Vocal Brain: Cerebral Processing of Voice Information.
11/8/17 Bradley Postle, University of Wisconsin Madison. Cognitive neuroscience of visual perception, attention, and working memory.
11/15/17 SFN
11/22/17 Thanksgiving Break
11/29/17 Saskia Haegens, Columbia University. Oscillatory building blocks underlying perception & cognition.
12/6/17 Serge Dumoulin, Utrecht University. Visual neuroscience at 7T MRI: from population receptive fields and attention to cortical layers.

Spring 2017
1/4/17 Andreas Keil, University of Florida. Threat and safety in human visual cortex: how affective experience impacts perception.
1/11/17 Elia Formisano, University of Maastricht. The functional and computational architecture of the human auditory cortex.
1/18/17 Cancelled due to inclement weather.
1/25/17 Christopher Baker, National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program. Making sense of real world scenes.
2/1/17 Yanchao Bi, National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning & IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Beijing Normal University. Object domain and modality on the visual ventral pathway.
2/8/17 Benjamin Tamber-Rosenau, University of Houston. Mechanisms and limitations of flexible cognition in the human brain.
2/15/17 Olivier Collignon, University of Louvain, University of Trento. Impact of sight deprivation and restoration on the functional organization and connectivity of the occipital cortex.
2/22/17 Journal Club
3/1/17 Eli Merriam, NIH. Multiple scales of representation in human cortex.
3/8/17 Jonathan Winawer, New York University. Neuronal synchrony and the relation between the BOLD response and the local field potential.
3/15/17 Spring Break
3/22/17 Bradley Voytek, University of California, San Diego. Why neural oscillations?
3/29/17 Julie Golomb, The Ohio State University. Representations of 2D and 3D spatial location in the brain.
4/5/17 Marius Peelen, University of Trento. Attention in natural scenes.
4/12/17 Christopher Honey, Johns Hopkins University. Perception and memory of spoken sentences.
4/19/17 Mariam Aly, Columbia University. Attention promotes episodic encoding by stabilizing hippocampal representations.
4/26/17 Keith Schneider, University of Delaware. Imaging the human thalamic reticular nucleus.
5/3/17 Catie Chang, NIH. Vigilance fluctuations and spontaneous fMRI signals.
5/10/17 Yale Cohen, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Mechanisms underlying auditory perception and decision-making
5/17/17 John Serences, University of California, San Diego. Sensory recruitment during visual short-term memory
5/24/17 IMRF

Fall 2016
9/8/16 Brad Lega, UT Southwestern. Strategies for a cognitive brain machine interface: DARPA's Restoring Active Memory study and beyond
9/28/16 Dorian Pustina, University of Pennsylvania. The future of aphasia: from traditional lesion-to-symptom analyses to stacked multimodal predictions with structural and functional data.
10/5/16 Rice Neuroengineering Symposium
10/12/16 Journal Club: Fixing the stimulus-as-fixed-effect fallacy in task fMRI. Beauchamp Lab presenting.
10/19/16 No Meeting
10/26/16 Bart Krekelberg, Rutgers University. Transcranial Current Stimulation: Myths and Mechanisms.
11/2/16 Ione Fine, University of Washington. Auditory processing in individuals who are blind.
11/9/16 Niko Kriegeskorte, University of Cambridge. Testing complex brain-computational models to understand how the brain works.
11/16/16 SFN
11/23/16 Thanksgiving Week
11/30/16 Kyle Simmons, Laureate Institute for Brain Research. The Interoceptive Insula: From Visceral Sensation to Psychiatric Illness.
12/7/16 Katharina Von Kriegstein, Max Planck Institute and Humboldt University. Human communication: from cerebral cortex to sensory thalamus
12/9/16 Joana Loureiro, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. Structural and Functional Imaging of the Human Superior Colliculus at 9.4T