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CAMRI Policies and Procedures

A copy of CAMRI's Safety and Operations Policies and Procedures Manual can be found *Click here

CAMRI MRI Scanner Pricing Structure

Please be aware that Fiscal year 2022 pricing changes will take effect July 1st and consists of the following changes:

  • Normal scan rate:$540/hr
  • Phantom scan rate: $175/hr
  • $250 for level 1 training
  • $500 for level 2 training

Starting July 1, 2022: A technologist scanning fee of 15% will be applied for assisted usage. (1 hour at $540= $80 technologist fee)

  1. Before data collection can begin, the PI must attend all necessary training and submit required documentation, including an IRB-approved protocol and consent form. Click here for an IRB proposal template.
  2. CAMRI has a Pilot Time Program (see below, Pilot Time) to reward frequent users and allow for the collection of preliminary data for new projects.
  3. Scanner time and MR technologist assistance is reserved by emailing CAMRI staff (see below, Booking a Scan). The minimum duration of a scan session is one hour.
  4. Time used to scan phantoms or tissue samples will be charged at $175 per hour. Practice sessions ("Human phantoms") can also be charged at this rate, if approved.
  5. Billing is automatic, based on the amount of scanner time reserved in iLab. See below for the cancellation policy. All cancellation requests should be sent to
  6. Credit cards are accepted but prices will be 4% higher than those listed above (equal to the fee charged by our credit card processing service). If a group is using a credit card they must inform Krista BEFORE they start scanning.
  7. Non-BCM users should pay by PO or check. Credit cards for payment should only be used as a last resort and will accrue the 4% fee above.

Estimated Future Pricing

Please Note: Given the size of CAMRI's deficit in the past few years, we will likely need to continue to increase prices. Therefore, if you are budgeting for grants, we recommend you budget the following:

               FY22 (July 1 2021) - $525
               FY23 (July 1 2022) - $540
               FY24 (July 1 2023) - $550
               FY25 (July 1 2024) - $565
               FY26 (July 1 2025) - $580
               FY27 (July 1 2026) - $600
               Starting July 1 2022 - The technologist scanning fee will be %15

The above represents approximately a 2-3% increase annually. Only the pricing for FY22 is definite. All future years are subject to change and are only an estimate. We are posting these to give users a guideline at the start of their study so that necessary price increases are not disruptive.

The MRI technologist fee will start July 1, 2022. This fee will be applied when assisted-use by the MRI technologist is needed. The price will be an %15 fee for the total scan time. (1 hour at $540= $80 technologist fee)

Booking a Session

  1. To schedule time on the scanner, you must use the iLab website Security clearance forms for all non-BCM visitors and lab members will need to be sent to: at time of reservation.
  1. Each person that will be present at the scan (researchers and participants) will need to have clearance to enter the building.

All requests should be sent in a timely manner to ensure security access

To request security access for a visitor please submit the following form to CAMRI:

To have CAMRI staff member reserve the ILAB calendar for you please submit the following form to CAMRI:

Please Note: CAMRI does not control BCM security. We're more than happy to answer questions about how to get access for researchers and participants, but it's the responsibility of the user to know who needs to be there and plan accordingly to get appropriate access.

Cancelling a Session

After a reservation is made, users have 24 hours to modify or cancel it without charge. If reserved time is not used for any reason (including subject no-show, subject failure to meet screening criteria, experimental difficulties, or any other reason) users will be charged the full rate for the unused time, unless the user reports the cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the start of the reserved time (allowing other users a chance to use the time) in which case the user will be charged at half the normal rate. Canceled time can be paid with the usual payment methods or a user's accrued pilot time.

Email all cancellation requests to

Running a Session

  1. All personnel attending a scan should be Level 1 or 2 trained unless they are the participant. Every scan needs at least one Level 2 trained operator to be present for the entire session. If your study does not have a Level 2 trained member of staff, you can coordinate with Lacey to run your scans for you.
  2. Masks and social distancing are required at all times while inside S104. For participants, CAMRI provides masks for subjects while they are being scanned but subjects are not required to wear masks while being scanned.
  3. No more than two individuals are allowed in the control room during scans. People attending with the research participant (e.g., parents of child research subjects) should remain in the CAMRI waiting room. Please be mindful of limitations on room capacity when planning your session. Consider using zoom from the Mac computer next to the console in Scanner4 to reduce the number of people in the control room.
  4. After-hours and weekend scanning sessions can be booked by Level 2 operators only.
  5. After each session, please fill out the Session Information Form (located in the black tray at the console). Staple the MRI screening form for your participant to your session info form, and place it in the purple folder.
  6. Users must ensure they book enough time to disinfect and clean up the room after their session. The disinfection checklist is located on the bottom half of the session information form. This must be completed each session!