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Phase 1 Reopening

CAMRI will reopen on June 1, 2020. Guidelines for Phase 1 are as follows:

  1. Each imaging session requires a scheduling form to be completed and submitted to Please allow at least 24 hours for approval. Click here for request form. Imaging must be approved and scheduled by CAMRI staff (not iLabs); available times are M-F, 9am - 4pm. Imaging sessions will be charged normal rates but cancellation, pilot time, and rescheduling policies have been suspended.
  2. Masks and social distancing are required at all times while inside S104. Only one person is allowed in the control room (to operate the scanner) and one person is allowed in the scan room to serve as a subject. No additional people are allowed to enter BCM or CAMRI. Level 2 training for the operator is required (no new training will occur during Phase 1).
  3. Phase 1 will include imaging of BCM employees and phantoms only. Visitors are not permitted on the BCM campus. It is the responsibility of the PI to obtain the required access permissions, including COVID attestation, for participants and experimenters.
  4. After each imaging session, 30 minutes will be set aside at no charge so that users can disinfect all equipment. Please review the new disinfection policy (below); a copy is posted in the scan rooms.

Mandatory Disinfection Policy

Users are responsible for safe scanning, including disinfecting all equipment. Baylor requires a mask at all times. Participants must wear masks while in the scanner and the researcher must wear a mask in the control room while scanning. THE METAL NOSE PIECE OF MASK MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO ENTRY TO SCANNER. Disinfecting wipes have been placed in the scanner rooms. Before and after scanning, disinfect any items and surfaces you or the participant will touch during the session including but not limited to:

  1. The handle to the scanner room
  2. The squeeze bulb and cord
  3. The inside and outside of the head coil you are using, including places you as a researcher touch to plug in and remove the coil
  4. Phantoms you may have used
  5. The buttons on the scanner for moving the bed
  6. Sponge used under the participant’s legs
  7. Wipe down all sponges and immobilization equipment used. If sponges are porous please use linen or paper for parts that touch the patient.
  8. Any button boxes or other accessories that are used in your experiment
  9. The mouse and keyboard to the scanner computer, and the desktop surface
  10. The speaker box buttons
  11. The mouse and keyboard to the stimulus computer, and the switch to the bold screen, if applicable.
  12. All cords and plugs that have been touched
  13. Light switches
  14. Door handles to control room (inside/out)

• Please minimize the amount of linen used for each subject. We only have a limited supply each week. All linen should be disposed of in the yellow basket. Blankets have been removed from each scan room because of the inability to disinfect them between scans.

• Researchers should minimize touching participants, and sanitize your hands before and after you set up the participant on the bed. Instead of taking earplugs from participants after use, offer them the trashcan as they remove their earplugs.

• Only one person is allowed in the S104 kitchen at a time and will be required to wipe everything that was used down with the provided sanitizer wipes.

Closure Announcement

Research at BCM will be paused for an unknown period of time (possibly 8 – 12 weeks) beginning on Friday, March 20 at 5 pm. Badge access to CAMRI will be disabled and it will not be possible for anyone to scan during this time. CAMRI staff will be working remotely during the shutdown and we are eager to help you with retrieving archived data from the Flywheel server, analyzing imaging data, or other needs. Users may need to set up VPN access to BCM (instructions on web page above). If necessary, staff may be able to enter CAMRI for limited periods of time. Please keep a detailed record of how the shutdown has impacted your research for submission in NIH progress reports, and to help us document the shutdown's effects on operations. Contact us at CAMRI-STAFF@LISTSERV.BCM.EDU if we can be of service.

Accessing the BCM VPN

Follow the instructions at

To summarize: To access the BCM Network from off campus you need to log into the Baylor VPN first. If you don’t have the VPN on your computer go to to start the process. After installing the VPN you will need to install the MFA client on a smart phone. You do this by starting at the problem is that you have to already be on the Baylor network. To do this from home you will need to call the Help Desk at 713.798.8737. They can setup a one-time off campus access for you to the site and then you can follow the instructions here:

  1. For Android phones:
  2. For iPhones:

Baylor College of Medicine Updates

For those of you with VPN access, you can access the latest BCM Coronavirus updates here

 March 18: Access to be restricted at Main Baylor
 Baylor College of Medicine is restricting access to its main campus. Only those who have been pre-approved and wearing a special badge will be 
 allowed in the building beginning Monday, March 23, at 8 a.m. Only entrances open will be Main Cullen and Garage 6. All electronic access will be 


It is recommended that you document delays to your research for later reporting to NIH. More information here. CAMRI has similar reporting requirements to the college, and investigators may be contacted by CAMRI staff for an assessment of how the closure will affect their plans for acquisition after scanning resumes, so we can compile these reports as accurately as possible.

Email Communications

We will communicate with users for CAMRI-related issues and updates via the CAMRI users list. If you or a member of your lab is not getting these updates and would like to, contact so they can be added. If issues arise and you need to contact CAMRI, please send emails to