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Where to start

If you would like to use CAMRI for your research study, we have summarized below a step-by-step process that should help to get you started. If you have any questions, please contact CAMRI at

Grant Help

If you would like help with your grant submission, please contact us. We can provide you with information on CAMRI’s facilities and resources, scan parameters, a letter of support, and other resources to support your submission.

Step 1: The Research Application and Contract

The Principal Investigator (PI)/investigator should contact us to complete a research application and set up a scanning contract.

If BCM user, you will need to include the following with your initial request:

  • BCM account number
  • PI name
  • Protocol IRB number
  • Department

If Non-BCM user, you will need to include the following with your initial request:

  • Institution name
  • PI name
  • Protocol IRB number and IRB approval letter
  • Department

All external users will need to provide a valid PO# prior to scanning. If you need a quote to start this process please reach out to Lacey Delay.

Step 2: Study Design and MRI Protocol

Once the contract is set up the PI should schedule a meeting with us by emailing In this meeting, the PI/investigator and our team will discuss an overview of the study and determine what sequences and technical paradigms will be needed.

Step 3: MR Safety Training

Once a contract is in place and the details of the protocol have been worked out, the PI/investigator and their staff will then be able to register for the next scheduled MR safety course. The MR safety courses are taught via zoom monthly and all individuals working around the MR scanner must complete the course.

Please contact CAMRI’s MRI Technologist, Lacey DeLay, to register for safety training. Additional training is available for individuals that will be working in the MRI suite and for individuals that would like to scan independently. More information on training can be found HERE.

Step 4: Scheduling Scan Time

Once sufficient staff are trained, the PI/investigator can start to schedule scans. It is recommended that you coordinate with a member of the CAMRI staff for your first session so that we can assist you with any issues that may arise. See more details for the process of booking a session HERE.