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Lab 2: “Prototype Design”


  • Learn how to use SolidWorks: Leverage “Help” in SolidWorks and Custom video on Blackboard.
  • Design a prototype to address the chosen health issue.
  • Draw prototype in SolidWorks.
  • Determine the technical feasibility.
  • Determine the clinical feasibility.


1. Design and draw your prototype in SolidWorks. Upload as an image and provide a brief description (including how addresses health issue) on Open Wet Ware.

2. Determine the technical feasibility of your design. Include answers to the following questions:

b. What are the challenges?

c. What could go wrong?

3. Determine the clinical feasibility.
a. Will it work in the clinic?

b. What are the clinical risks?

c. Have similar products been in a clinical trial? How long was the trial?

4. Using the fundability worksheet chart, determine the scores (0-3) for technical feasibility and clinical feasibility and provide support for scores.


- Video on the basics of SolidWorks (on Bb)
- Video on how to search for clinical trial information: See “Improving Searches with Boolean Operators” Video to learn about (on Bb)


  • Determine the market size.
  • Determine fundability.


1. What value does your prototype create for the customer?
2. Determine the cost to create your design. Justify.
3. What would be the anticipated average sale price (ASP)? Justify.
4. Using initial market size analysis in Lab 1, determine the market size in dollars per year.
5. Using the fundability worksheet, determine if your prototype should be funded. Justify why or why not.

HW: Lab Report 2 (due 02/14/17 at 11:59PM through OpenWetWare)

Grading Scheme:
50 points – See Rubric
50 points – Peer Assessment


Lab 2 Rubric

Look for your Group's lab report link in the list of links on the right. If it is RED instead of blue, DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

If the link is red, type the name of your Group's lab report link exactly as shown in the following text field and click the Create Page button.

This should open up an Edit page that is pre-populated with a lab report template code.

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