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Instructors: Drew Endy and Natalie Kuldell

Response templates


  1. What are you thinking? [link to Survey]
  2. iGEM review
      • what was the problem this team chose to address and why?
      • is this an important problem and why or why not?
      • did they succeed in part or in total?
      • if you could ask this team one question what would it be?
  3. letter examples


  1. reading/presentation response form

Library resources

Team building resources


Not long ago when biology meant
looking and prodding and fixing what’s bent
there were armies of scientists working away
to list what they found
and to know life’s display

But not all was well as they tried to discover
how life could be programmed since some but not other
experiments worked and each person designed
their template for learning
as they were inclined

“Share!” said the engineers “and try to remember
that others will use your work only whenever
the tools you develop are standard and simple
think of most screwthreads and
think of the wheel.

Maybe in this way life by design
could work out of the box and others will find
lots of interesting ways to build up from the bottom
making useful new parts
then new systems. No problem!”

By combining devices in new and fun ways
the biologists builders could spend their workdays
learning what’s out there and making new widgets
to responsibly meet
the needs of our planet