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Biological Engineering Design
Studio Schedule
Wednesdays 2-5

INSTRUCTIONS DATE TOPIC deliverables notes
Week 1 Wed Feb 6 Sampling of past projects Letter
iGEM reviews
Week 2 Wed Feb 13 Broader project landscapes Script and storyboards for comic strip
switchgrass to EtOH equation
Week 3 Wed Feb 20 Sorting hat into project camps Camp project catalog (from temporary teams) Spanning the globe, possibly through: Energy,Environment/Manufacturing
Health,Medicine/Art/Human Practices
Week 4 Wed Feb 27 The sorting hat resorts Team's Facebook page
Week 5 Wed Mar 5 Design Day NK and DE OoT
Week 6 Wed Mar 12 3 Ideas Presentation requirements for the presentation are found here
Week 7 Wed Mar 19 Design Day 2 from 3 ideas to 1
Spring Break Mar 24-28 No class all week
Week 8 Wed Apr 2 Design Day 3
Week 9 Wed Apr 9 Tech Spec Review requirements for the review are found here
Week 10 Wed Apr 16 Re-design Day 1
Week 11 Wed Apr 23 Re-design Day 2 (ownership and sharing exercise, to start) NK OoT
Week 12 Wed Apr 30 Consultations
Week 13 Wed May 7 Presentations: Day 1 requirements for the presentation are found here Water Purification,
Week 14 Wed May 14 Presentations: Day 2 requirements for the presentation are found here BioDefense,
Vitamin A Probiotic,
Scar Repair