2020(S08) Lecture:week 12

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Week 12 Tuesday

Guest lecture from Howard Silver of MIT libraries.
Topic: finding regulations/mandates that relate to your project. FDA? EPA? USDA?
Content for today is here. Also there are library patent support pages here. These pages include video tutorials for self learning, and links to open resources that are, evidently, much easier to use that the USPTO. Last note from Howard is that good choices for subscription resources are BIOSIS and SciFinder Scholar.
And here's the link to the NPR story featuring our oft-used example Eau d'Coli and our very own 20.902ers. We Are Bioengineers, indeed.

Week 12 Studio


Week 12 Thursday

Lecture: Tips on giving talks

Today we considered tip and tricks that you might use to construct and deliver even better presentations. Here is a link to the slides (with some notes): PDF and here's a YouTube video that illustrates a lot of powerpoint "don'ts."
Happy Presenting!