2020(S08) Lecture:week 13

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Week 13 Tuesday

Lecture is not required for 20.020 students but all are welcome to attend. The following paper will be presented by Han Zhu
Synchronizing genetic relaxation oscillators by intercell signaling. McMillen D, Kopell N, Hasty J, Collins JJ. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Jan 22;99(2):679-84.
PMID 11805323

Week 13 Studio

Presentations Round 1

TreeHuggers, Inc.

Water Purification


Neuronal information processing


Yeast cell cycle counter

Week 13 Thursday

Q/A day or interviews

Those who can meet with Rudy Mitchell for assessment/class evaluation information, please let us know. Those who have questions on their project or other aspects of the class, may find Natalie and Drew in 26-152.