20.20:Advanced topics, presentation information

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The following components are expected in your presentations.

  1. Background information: to set the stage for your talk. Includes the nouns and verbs of your topic, the knowns and unknowns
  2. High level summary: one slide only
  3. Primary evidence: the key data and any explanation needed to understand the experimental method used
  4. Secondary/supportive evidence: other experiments or techniques that bolster primary data
  5. Key assumptions: can be in method, in conclusion or in experimental design
  6. Uh oh!?: if you had been reviewing this paper for publication, what questions or concerns would you have? would you recommend that the paper be published? Or, not?
  7. Significance: then and now. follow-up work since if relevant

Your title slide must have

  • paper's title
  • paper's authors
  • your name
  • your partner(s) name(s) when applicable
  • the date of your presentation
  • the class you're presenting to

Please upload your presentation to the homework drop box on the day you give your presentation.

Note: on the weeks you are not presenting, you are expected

  • to read the papers that will be presented and
  • write a response log entry after the presentation has been given