20.109(F10): Fall 2010 schedule

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20.109(F10): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Thur Sept 9 NK Orientation Orientation Handout Fall 2010
1 1 Tue Sept 14 NK and MSJ JG DNA engineering using PCR M1D1 lecture handout
M1D1 lab talk
1 2 Thur Sept 16 MSJ JG Clean and cut DNA Neal/Linda/Atissa visit lab their slides are here
M1D2 lecture handout
M1D2 lab talk
1 3 Tue Sept 21 NK and DW JG Agarose gel electrophoresis NK M1D3 lecture and DW M1D3 lecture and M1D3 lab talk
1 4 Thur Sept 23 OK JG DNA ligation and bacterial transformation M1D4 lecture slides
M1D4 lab lecture
1 5 Tue Sept 28 OK JG Examine candidate clones M1D5 lecture slides
M1D5 lab lecture
EHS visits lab
1 6 Thur Sept 30 OK JG Restriction map and tissue culture M1D6 lecture slides
M1D6 lab lecture
Neal/Linda visit lab for peer review exercise
1 7 Tue Oct 5 DW JG Lipofection Mod 1 "progress report" due by 11AM today
M1D7 lecture slides and stats papers
M1D7 lab talk
M1D7 lab stats talk pptx and as pdf
1 8 Thur Oct 7 DW JG FACS analysis M1D8 lecture slides
Columbus Day Break Monday Oct 11 No lab Tuesday, but Mod 1 "P3" is due by 11AM 10.13.10
2 1 Thurs Oct 14 NK MS Testing an engineered biological system M2D1 lecture handout
M2D1 lab slides
2 2 Tues Oct 19 NK MS Measuring System Performance M2D2 lecture handout
M2D2 lab slides
2 3 Thurs Oct 21 NK MS Tools for System Engineering M2D3 lecture handout
M2D3 lab slides
2 4 Tues Oct 26 Journal Club MS Journal Club I We'll be having lecture at the regular time/place and then meeting in the lab for a few minutes starting at 1.
2 5 Thurs Oct 28 NK MS Assessing re-tuned system Neal and Linda visit lab for IMRD training
M2D5 lecture handout
2 6 Tues Nov 2 NK MS Readout: DNA M2D6 lecture handout
2 7 Thurs Nov 4 NK MS Readout: Protein M2D7 lecture handout
Bring your writing and your questions by the lab as needed
2 8 Tues Nov 9 Journal Club MS Journal Club II
Veteran's Day Break Thurs Nov 11 Mod 2 research article is due by 11:59PM on 11.11.10
3 1 Tues Nov 16 AB JC Growth of phage materials M3D1 lab lecture
3 2 Thurs Nov 18 AB JC Phage nanowires
3 3 Tues Nov 23 AB JC TEM
Thanksgiving Break Nov 25, 26 No lab or lecture
3 4 Tues Nov 30 AB JC Battery assembly John's lecture slides
M3D4 lab lecture
Atissa will visit lab @4PM to offer tips for giving talks with a partner
3 5 Thurs Dec 2 AB JC Battery testing
3 6 Tues Dec 7 AB JC Research proposal presentations We'll start this day in lab, 56-322, to finish off the BioMaterials module
Thurs Dec 9 end of term celebration... Lecture for class evaluations then lunch from 11:30-1 PM, 56-614, no lab