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Michelle R. Sukup Jackson, 2009


77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

ph. 617-253-6751

Education and Research

Hi there! I'm currently a PhD candidate in Biological Engineering at MIT. I'm working in Dr. Bevin Engelward's lab, studying recombination events in DNA. My research interests lie in the field of cellular and genomic response to physical insult or stimuli. In Fall of 2008 and Fall of 2009, I TA'd for 20.109. This semester I am delivering two lectures of 20.109 as part of the heroic team effort to teach Mod 1 while Dr. Engelward is in Singapore.

I am originally from a small town, Malvern, in southwest Iowa. I went to the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA, for BS and MS and I was very fortunate to work with Dr. Gina C. Schatteman of Integrated Physiology at UI and Dr. Victor G.J. Rodgers at the University of California at Riverside for my MS degree. My thesis research focused on the feasibility of using adult CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells to vascularize a bioartificial pancreas.


I live in Somerville and love the atmosphere of the 'ville and the proximity to MIT and Boston. I enjoy reading and I'm usually always looking for a new good book to read, so shoot me a recommendation.

I have a brown tabby cat named Mara, and she is toilet trained, which is as awesome as it sounds.

Thanks for stopping by! MSJ