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Contact Information

Lizzy Gabriela Urbina

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Loyola Marymount University 1 LMU Drive MSB-9106 Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Loyola Marymount University

  • Biology (B.S.)
  • Class of 2021

Upper Division Classes takes

  1. Bioinfomatics Laboratory
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy
  4. Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy Lab
  5. Animal Behavior
  6. Developmental Biology
  7. Field Biology
  8. Field Biology

Career Interest and Goals

I want to go into the medical field, and travel to developing countries and provide medical care to those in need.

Research Experience

  • Ruffin NeuroLab, Virginia Union University,2016-2017, Dr. Vernon Ruffin
    • We studied the relationship between NHE and NFL in multiple sclerosis.
  • Sea-Phages Lab, Virginia Union University, 2016-201, Dr. Carleitta Paige-Anderson, Dr. Vernon Ruffin
    • We isolated, purified and extract DNA from viruses that infect m-smegmatis. Then, we studied the RNA sequence identifying proteins and their function.
    • Symposium Poster HMMI 2017

Work Experience

  • International Student Assistant, Wheeling Jesuit University 2018-2019
    • I worked with the office of student development planning and organizing different activities for international students and creating awareness of the diversity on campus. Additionally, I was a confident/point person to all international students to go to whenever they felt the need.

Personal Interests

What is your favorite aspect of biology and why?

My favorite aspect of biology is the diversity within the field and everything works cohesively.

What is your favorite aspect of computer science and why?

Computer science has opened up a new field of study, which is improving and making other sciences more efficient.

Lizzy Urbina



Weekly Assigments

Class Journal Assigments


  • I worked with my partner Karina Vescio, we made sure to have included everything to complete the assignment.
  • Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.

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