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Our storage folder is ToddLab. Backups are active and occur nightly.

If you want access to the folder, to upload or download data, contact Mat.

The ICT system administrators have access to the ToddLab data.

The storage is accessible from Mac, PC and Linux computers connected directly to the University network.

We currently have 50 GB. To increase this, we contact them when the folder is nearly full. There is a README text file in the ToddLab folder.

Instructions for connecting to the storage for both Mac and PC:

Before connecting to the server for the first time, resynchronise your Unikey password at the address: (Click on the left menu item "My UniKey password - Synchronise my password"). After doing this, try to connect to the server. If that doesn't work contact the ICT Helpdesk on 9351-6000.

Connecting with a Windows PC:

1. Open any folder on your computer. Select "Map Network Drive" from the Tools menu at the top of the folder. A dialog box appears.

2. Pick any drive letter you like from the Drive drop box. Where it says folder please insert the following text: \\\ToddLab

3. Tick the "Reconnect at logon" checkbox.

4. Click the "different user name" text in the line "Connecting using a different user name". Another dialog box appears.

5. Enter "mcs\<unikey>" in the user name field (without quotes) and your Unikey password in the password field. For example, "mcs\mtodd". Click OK to return to the first dialog box.

6. Click the Finish button. The dialog box disappears and the networked folder should appear, showing the six subfolders.

Connecting with a Mac"

1. Whilst "in" the Finder, select "Connect to Server" from the Go menu. A dialog box appears.

2. In the text box at the top, type in the following text: smb://

3. Click the "+" button to add this entry to the list for quick "reuse" in the future.

4. Click the Connect button. Another dialog box should appear. Enter the following information: Workgroup/Domain: MCS Username: <unikey> Password: your Unikey password

You may wish to tick the "Add to Keychain" checkbox for easier use in the future.

5. Click OK. The folder should open and be accessible from the desktop with a disk-style icon.

Note: The Windows server supports file paths of up to 256 characters long (ie. the length of "C:\Path\to\the\folder\and\myfile.txt"). It is therefore possible to run into problems when copying files over to the server because either the source or destination paths exceed this length. Programs for Windows such as TeraCopy can help mitigate against this problem but it is always wise to shorten the folder and file names if this problem occurs.