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Chemistry Resources

University of Sydney eJournal Portal
eEROS database can be accessed from Sydney campus
Think afresh about how to dry solvents
Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)
University of Sydney SciFinder Access
Make screencasts with Screenr
If you've some spare time why not add to some entries on Wikipedia, like praziquantel, or creating an entry for the aza-Henry reaction, or maybe help construct an open source chemistry textbook?
Link to download ChemDraw

Group-Specific Links

The Synaptic Leap
Group Page on Friendfeed
Intermolecular (Mat's Blog)
School website
Mat's Twitter stream
Praziquantel Labblog notebooks
Malaria labblog notebooks
Chemistry Stores
NMR website
Chemical inventory
Inventory overview
Mass Spec
Mechanical Workshop

Lab phone number 93515747 (from outside the university) or extension 5747 (from within the uni)


In the Pipeline

Mind the Health Gap
Curious Wavefunction
End the Neglect

Need a Scholarship to Join the Group for a PhD?

Local students will find information here

Graduates of universities who are members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, graduates of any country who are citizens of a Commonwealth country or Australian permanent residents are eligible for the Gritton postgraduate award. Deadline 21st Jan 2011

General information on scholarships for international students is here. The biggest programs listed there are as follows:

USydIS (for international students)
World Scholars award (international students - tuition fees covered only - stipend must come from non-University source)
IPRS awards (international students)
Chinese students have a special source of scholarships from the China Scholarship Council.
Australian Government International Endeavour Postgrad Scholarships
The Australian Government also runs the AusAID Development Scholarships if you are from one of the participating countries.
Students from the US can join the group with a Fulbright scholarship
American Australian Association but limited to $25K for one year

Done Honours in the Group and Want to Do a PhD Elsewhere?

(This is very strange, but...)
The Frank Knox Fellowships can allow you to study at Harvard.
The Monash Awards are for students wanting to study abroad at any location.
Commonwealth Scholarships
There's direct funding at Cambridge University - you're automatically considered when you apply for entry to Cambridge.
For Cambridge there are also Gates Scholarships

Need a Scholarship to Join the Group as a Postdoc?

EU Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowships
University of Sydney Postdoc Fellowships (semi-independent career-starter)
Join the group for 4-6 months using an Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Australian Government
The Gritton postdoctoral fellowship is offered every now and again
American Australian Association but limited to $25K for one year
Good general list maintained at UNSW.

Already studying for PhD/Masters/Honours in the group and want to do an exchange somewhere else?

Try the Fulbright postgrad scholarships for the USA
Or the Chevening Scholarships for study in the UK towards an Aussie PhD.
Cheung Kong Endeavour Research Fellowship for 4-6 months in Asian countries.

Nearing the end of your PhD in the Todd Group and Want a Scholarship for a Postdoc Elsewhere?

If you're interested in a postdoc it's important to ask Mat to keep you posted about opportunities. There are also a number of postdoc bulletin boards that can be searched, e.g. Naturejobs, TEDjobs. If there are other good sites, post them here.

Banting Postdoc Fellowships in Canada
Fulbright Postdoc Scholarship
1851 Fellowships
American Australian Association but limited to $25K for one year
Newton International Fellowships for 2 years in the UK.