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Jan 23rd 2018: Mat delivers a keynote on open drug discovery at in Sydney.

Nov 2017: Mat joins Expert Advisory Committee of the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database malaria project.

Oct 19th 2017: Yu Heng's work on the coordinating ability of cyclam scorpionands is finally published.

Aug 31st 2017: Mat, Alice, the Sydney Grammar School students and Open Source Malaria are featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Youtube video (US only).

June 22nd 2017: Mat interviewed for Beilstein TV on whether the chemistry community is embracing open science and open data.

June 21st 2017: Althea Tsang's paper on the mechanism of CDC reactions finally comes out.

May 4th 2017: Mat is one of 100 people named on the Medicine Maker Power List 2017, as a Champion of Change, for his work on Open Source Malaria.

April 19th 2017: Paper published that describes a roadmap for open source pharma, with an associated explainer in the Guardian.

Feb 8th 2017: The collaboration between Sydney Grammar School and Open Source Malaria is featured in Teacher Magazine.

Dec 1 2016: Alice Williamson and Mat win the Jury Prize of the Hitachi Innovation Award with a pitch on "Breaking Good" - how to involve students and the public in the synthesis of much-needed medicines.

Nov 30th 2016: Sydney Grammar School completes the synthesis of Daraprim using Open Source Malaria's platform. The story goes viral.

Sept 14th 2016: The first Open Source Malaria paper is published.

June 2nd 2016: Open Source Malaria featured in the Newsletter of the Australian Society for Parasitology.

May 13th 2016: Mat's work on schistosomiasis, Open Source Malaria and the Open Source Pharma Foundation featured in both The Lancet and Nature.

Nov 17th 2015: Mat wins in the Malaria Innovator category of the Social Media Awards. Article, interview and even artwork.

Oct 30th 2015: The Open Source Malaria consortium is featured in Share, the newsletter of the Australian National Data Service.

Oct 28th 2015: Mat delivers one of the NSW Chief Scientist's Breakfast Seminars on Openness Boosts Research. Slides.

Oct 23rd 2015: Mat writes about openness vs. secrecy in drug development as part of a series on this topic at PLoS Blogs.

Oct 2015: The fantastic work of Erin Sheridan and the boys at Sydney Grammar as part of the Open Source Malaria consortium is featured in the school's winter newsletter (p36). You can read their research reports directly, too.

Oct 1st 2015: Mat is part of a team of four awarded $3M by the Tata Trusts to create the Open Source Pharma Foundation. Here is the press release and articles: 1, 2, 3. The aspect of prizes as part of OSP is picked up by the Economist.

Sept 2015: Mat helps create and then run the Second Open Source Pharma Conference in Marburg, Germany. The meeting's To Do list is available. An article about the meeting from one of the participants sparks a lengthy debate on the merits of OSP at Derek Lowe's blog and further debate on Eric Raymond's blog.

July 31st 2015: Alice Williamson leads a team that includes Mat in a successful application for a University of Sydney Small Educational Innovation Grant on Open Research in the Undergraduate Laboratory, following Alice's pilot of this idea.

July 7th 2015: The group is awarded a 3-year ARC Linkage Grant (LP150101226) with the Medicines for Malaria Venture and Kiaran Kirk to use the Open Source Malaria platform to make new compounds that will reveal the details of an important antimalarial target, PfATP4.

June 29th 2015: Alice Williamson writes about open science and the OSM consortium in a piece for ABC Science.

May 22nd 2015: Mat interviewed in Future Medicinal Chemistry about the use of open source research models, and is part of an Ask the Experts panel on Rethinking the Drug Discovery Model in neglected tropical diseases. These articles were part of an open access special issue on schistosomiasis.

May 20th 2015: Mat talks on "The Six Principles of Open Source Drug Discovery" and chairs a panel session on "Open Source: Models for Collaboration" at the ISNTD-D3 meeting at the Wellcome Trust in London.

Apr 30th 2015: OSM's introductory video comes an honorable 7th in the Thinkable Open Innovation competition - well done to the winners.

Mar 7th 2015: Alice Williamson is one of the winners of the ABC's Top 5 Under 40 competition! Here's a video she made in the competition. She now gets to make a full radio show on a subject of her choosing.

Sept 26th 2014: Article on Open Source Malaria (OSM) appears in the School of Chemistry's Newsletter, ChemNews.

Sept 18th 2014: Mat interviewed on Canadian and US Radio about Open Source Pharma and Ebola.

Sept 18th 2014: Invited talk and associated discussion at the RSC Faraday Discussions meeting on Physical Chemistry of Functionalised Biomedical Nanoparticles, Bristol UK.

Aug 22nd 2014: Mat speaks on how to do science openly at the Open Science, Open Issues conference in Rio.

July 16-18 2014: Mat co-organises the first Open Source Pharma conference that takes place at the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Centre on Lake Como, Italy. The meeting creates a set of principles for Medicine for All.

June 26th 2014: The Open Source Malaria project is featured in the newsletter of the Australian National Data Service.

Oct 31st 2013: Mat speaks about open data and open access at the Open Access Research conference at QUT, Brisbane.

Oct 21st 2013: The Open Source Malaria Consortium wins one of three $30K Google/PLoS/Wellcome Trust ASAP awards. Webcast from the World Bank (award is from 1:08 in). Background video. Picked up in The Conversation, by MMV. Interview at PLoS Blogs. Bill Gates tweets about the project.

Sept 26th 2013: Mat runs conference session on "Is Open Source Drug Discovery Practical?" at WHO, Geneva, addressing, among other things, whether patents are necessary in drug discovery.

Sept 11th 2013: Mat interviewed by MMV about open drug discovery.

May 17th 2013: Mat talks about open source drug discovery at the 2013 GoldLab Symposium in Boulder, Colorado.

May 15th 2013: Mat is quoted in an article in The Atlantic on "de-linking" drug R&D from the cost of medicines.

May 10th 2013: Mat talks at Sydney Uni about the group's use of the electronic lab notebook Labtrove.

May 1st 2013: The OSDD Malaria project is mentioned as one of the top innovations worldwide in malaria by The Guardian newspaper.

Apr 22nd 2013: Congratulations to Nilupa as she hands in her corrected PhD thesis, to become Dr Amarasinghe.

Apr 18th 2013: Congratulations to Mingfeng as he hands in his corrected PhD thesis, to become Dr Yu.

Mar 28th 2013: Mat's piece about open access and open science comes out in The Conversation in response to number of Nature articles on the subject.

Feb 15th 2013: Congratulations to new Honours student Kat Badiola for winning a University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize.

Jan 30th 2013: Congratulations to Althea on submitting her PhD thesis.

Jan 30th 2013: The OSDDMalaria team is featured in an article on crowdsourcing in the RSC's Chemistry World magazine.

Jan 25th 2013: Mat is interviewed in the Nature Chemistry blog The Sceptical Chymist.

Jan 17th 2013: Mat publishes an opinion piece on open access on the ABC News site, The Drum.

Nov 7th 2012: The group's open source research featured on SciDev.Net in a story on science networks. This follows an earlier story covering the case study (below) analysing The Synaptic Leap's achievements.

Sept 20th 2012: Study published comparing The Synaptic Leap and Indian OSDD Projects.

Sept 20th 2012: Open letter to the new CEO of the Australian Research Council about the value of open data is published in The Conversation with a link to the Google Doc that can be signed. Please feel free to add your name. Stephen Matchett comments on it in The Australian.

Sept 19th 2012: Mat delivers keynote about open source drug discovery at the 1st Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki.

Sept 13th 2012: Interview with Mat on open science published by the Results for Development Institute.

August 31 2012: Congratulations to Mingfeng, Nilupa and Soo for submitting their PhD theses.

May 4th 2012: Mat presents some of the group's research at the University of Sydney Integration in Biology and Medicine Conference.

May 3rd 2012: Althea is awarded a RJW Le Fevre Research Travelling Scholarship from the School of Chemistry to present her research at an overseas conference later this year.

February 24th 2012: We play host to the first Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria meeting. An account of the meeting is here, and the current playlist of talks is here. A Sydney Uni news feature on the meeting is here and here.

February 18th 2012: Mat talks at a session on "Innovating Innovation" at the AAAS meeting in Vancouver.

January 27th 2012: Mat's blog post on open access is republished on the LSE blog.

November 23rd 2011: Mat wins a NSW Science and Engineering Award in the "Emerging Research" category for open science. Story is here and here.

November 1st 2011: Two Australian Research Council grants awarded. ARC Discovery (DP120104035): Charting Intercellular Space, M. H. Todd, P. J. Rutledge and P. J. Smith ($348K) and ARC Linkage (LP120100552): Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria, M. H. Todd and T. N. C. Wells ($320K).

October 28th 2011: Mat talks at Sydney University's Open Access Week - recording here and on Youtube.

October 20th 2011: Mat's article entitled "We eat what we are – let's detoxify the word 'chemical'" appears in The Conversation.

September 23rd 2011: Our second open science paper is published, describing how Open Science is a Research Accelerator.

September 21st 2011: Our first open science paper is published, on the Resolution of Praziquantel.

August 19th 2011: Ahamed submits his corrected PhD thesis today, and we welcome two new postdocs to the group, Paul Ylioja and Murray Robertson.

April 8th 2011: Mat talks about the future of web-based chemical collaboration at the Cyberchemistry meeting at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington State.

February 21st 2011: Congratulations to Swapnil on his award of a Henry Bertie and Florence Mabel Gritton Research Scholarship. Drinks are on him...

February 15th 2011: A new industry-sponsored PhD position in medicinal chemistry is available. If you're interested, please contact Mat. Only Australian residents are eligible for this opening.

February 15th 2011: The awesome and long-awaited Treasure Hunt paper comes out in J. Chem. Ed. - this turns a campus map into a play area for a Chemistry-themed treasure hunt.

January 27th 2011: Mat is named as one of the University's top 10 lecturers for 2010 in a nationwide poll.

November 3rd 2010: Congratulations to Ahamed for being selected as one of the three Sydney University Chemical Society Le Fevre Lecturers for 2010.

October 6th 2010: Mat talks about open science and electronic lab notebooks at USyd's eResearch showcase.

September 23rd 2010: Yu Heng's first paper is accepted into Chem. Eur. J. And he's off to start his PhD with Dave Spring. Paper available here

September 20th 2010: Ahamed, Thiru and lots of other peoples' paper on how dihydroisoquinoline reacts with nitromethane is published.

September 6th 2010: Ahamed's review on catalytic asymmetric additions of C-nucleophiles to N-heterocycles is published.

August 6th 2010: Mat speaks on Open Science at Ignite Sydney. Mat's talk's currently the most watched from the night.

June 2010: Our lab's open science approach featured in Chemistry in Australia

May 11th 2010: Mat is awarded a Citation for Excellence in Teaching from the Faculty of Science at The University of Sydney.

April 6th 2010: Mat talks about open science at Google. The talk is picked up here.

February 4th 2010: Our open science project is the subject of a feature article in Nature