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General Responsibilities and Lab Cleanup

You are responsible for:

  • The maintenance of your hood (shown below), which means the space itself, the Schlenk line, the hivac pump and the cupboards underneath your hood
  • The floor area immediately around your hood
  • Your bench and desk area
  • Those people with a bench bordering on the window are responsible for the bench area in front of the window.
  • Specific maintenance tasks are listed below

There will be a general lab cleanup on: Wednesday September 14th 2011. Lab clean-up means:

  • Making your hood clean and uncluttered
  • Checking that the bottles of chemicals/solvents underneath the hood are tidy and in good order
  • Cleaning your bench, shelves and cupboards, and clearing them of clutter
  • Cleaning and tidying the sink area between benches
  • Collecting together any broken glassware for repair or removal
  • Cleaning the area in front of the windows to remove cobwebs/dust etc
  • Cleaning up/checking things that are your direct responsibility (below)
  • Removing RB flasks from fridges/freezers and transferring samples to vials
  • Ensuring your samples in the fridge are properly labelled and are stored in plastic boxes
  • Tidying up paper and any other clutter from your desk area
  • Sorting any other equipment/glassware either into communal drawers, storage (i.e. labelled boxes) or into someone's private stash
  • Sort out any communal crap underneath the sinks
  • Identify any problems with equipment (e.g. stirrer hot plates, pumps)

Misc Responsibilities

  • Rotary evaporators: Nilupa, Soo, Swapnil, Althea
  • TLC Stains: Mingfeng
  • TLC chambers/UV lamps (both) plus the in-group balance: Angus
  • Ovens: Paul
  • Glassblower repairs: Murray
  • Fridge defrosting: Anthony

Fume Hood Assignments

File:FC Allocation.tif