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Adobe Connect

Adobe connect is a web conference/meeting program. The University of Sydney has a licence and it is administered through the Audio Visual Service

The service can be accessed using your unikey via

Transfer of recorded meetings

Once a meeting has been recorded, it can be made available offline and uploaded to youtube by following the steps outlined below. Annoyingly instead of just copying the recorded file, Adobe Connect requires you to stream the recorded meeting while recording. The file will then need to be converted from flash video to a usable format using a program such as Handbrake.

  • Open a non-Chrome web browser. Currently the Adobe Connect recording plug-in is not supported by chrome.
  • Navigate to "Meetings" on the top menu, not "My meetings" displayed on initial login.
  • Select the relevant meeting.
    • Select "Recordings"
  • Click "Make Offline" and a pop-up will open prompting plug-in install. Download and install the relevant plug-in.
    • In the freshly opened window that may have opened, accept the recording and modify display resolution. This is optional and a higher resolution doesn't seem to hurt. Select a file save location and recording will begin.

File Conversion

With the .FLV file produced by Adobe Connect in hand, use a program such as Handbrake to convert it to something more useful.