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ARC Open Access Policy - Released Jan 10th 2013

ARC "Green" Open Access Policy was released Jan 2013

Summary Points

1) The policy is effective immediately, covering future research grants. It is not retrospective.
2) If you receive ARC funding and publish resulting work, you can still submit the paper to any journal - you do not have to submit to open access journals.
3) When you publish a paper derived from ARC funding, the Uni is expected to make the citation information (metadata) available immediately in an openly-available online institutional repository.
4) 12 months after publication you are expected to make a copy of the paper itself openly available in the repository. If you have already published in an open access journal you need not deposit an additional copy in the repository.
5) The version posted can either be the post-review corrected file or the final publisher PDF.
6) The ARC acknowledges you may not be able to comply if your publisher forbids deposition, or if there any other reasons you cannot deposit the work.
7) Either way, we will be expected to show to the ARC, in final reports, whether we have abided by this policy, and if not, why not.

University-specific Points

1) The University has:
i) a repository,
ii) a draft mechanism for negotiating copyright with publishers, and
iii) a draft open access policy.

These will be demonstrated at a Faculty of Science session on the new ARC policy: Friday, Jan 25th, 2013, 12-1, Eastern Avenue LT, The University of Sydney

2) A suggested form of words for grant applications that covers dissemination of research findings will be covered in the above meeting, finalised by RGAF and then distributed to all staff.