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Reorders needed


-80 Freezer

-20 Freezer

VWR Fridge

Wet Lab Area

Fume Hood




How to inventory

Wetlab shelves

The naming convention for the shelves
  • I want to make a naming convention for these shelves
    • Coming in the front door, looking at the wetlab:
    • Upper left 1, below that 2, upper right 3, below that 4
    • please also mention if it is in front or back
      • i.e ph7 buffer Wetlab shelf 2 front


  • Create a new page for the item you wish to inventory
    • i.e type in your browser http://www.openwetware.org/wiki/Koch_Lab:Inventory/(new item name here) and then edit the page
  • Mark the page with the following templates to indicate where it is
    • Reorders {{Reorder}}{{KL Inv}}
    • -20c {{KL 20}}
    • -80c {{KL 80}}. Also include |b=black or |b=shelf 2 for location
    • VWR fridge {{KL VWR}}. Also include |s=left or |s=right to indicate the side of the fridge it is in
    • Wet Lab {{KL WL}}. Also include |s=1 or |shelf=2 for shelf spot (see convention above)
    • Fume Hood {{KL FH}}
      • example marking {{KL 80|b=shelf 2}}
  • Fill in pertinent information:
    • Price
    • location
    • Special instructions
    • How much is left
  • Please also update the google doc if applicable