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Super Parts Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator
Actual Part J37036 parts pic.PNG
Sub Parts Test Sensing Predator Construct Test Killing Predator Construct


  • This part is driving the molecular events associated with the Predator in the Lotka-Volterra model.
  • This part has to interface with the Prey-construct.
  • To satify the Lotka-Volterra dynamic of the predator, this part has to fulfill 3 properties:
    • Promote the growth of the predator-molecule according to the prey and predator populations.
    • Kill the prey-molecule according to the population of preys and predators
    • Enable the natural death of the predator-molecule

Part interface

Prey molecule Prey molecule
Predator molecule
IGEM IMPERIAL PreadatorConstructSystemIcon.png

The prey-molecules are an input of the device. They trigger the production of predator-molecules. As a consequence, the output of this device is a new level of prey-molecules, due to killing, in association with a new level of predator-molecules, due to the balance between growth and natural death.

Expected behavior and performances

System level specifications
Properties Specifications
Input Range(s) Input range of the prey should at least match the dynamic range of the prey.
Output Range(s) Output range of the prey should at least match the dynamic range of the prey.
Output range of the predator to be defined.
Transfer function(s) IGEM IMPERIAL TransferFunctionPredator1.png
Transfer function inspired by the pure Lotka-Volterra equations, growth predator = C*prey_population_*predator_population
IGEM IMPERIAL TransferFunctionPredator2.png
Transfer function inspired by the pure Lotka-Volterra equations, prey killing = B*prey_population_*predator_population.
Robustness Device should work for at least 10 cycles of the oscillator to match system level oscillator specifications.
Variability Variability at the device population level (day to day, device to device) should be as low as possible.

Open issues

  • Getting linear relationship is going to be challenging in a biological system.
  • Saturation in the response may have to be taken into account (characterized and defined).

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