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Super Parts Predator Construct
Actual Part J37016 logo.png
Sub Parts <bbpart>R0062</bbpart> <bbpart>B0034</bbpart> <bbpart>C0062</bbpart> <bbpart>I13504</bbpart>


  • The purpouse for building and testing this part is so we can characterize the production of AHL-lactonase
  • The Aiia gene has been replaced with GFP to allow direct measurement of protein production
  • From this data we can create a transfer function where AHL is the input and GFP the output
  • Making the assumpion that AHL-lactonase is transcribed at the same rate as GFP we can use the transfer curve to extract parameters to allow characterization of the sensing part of the predator
  • The part will be used to form the sensing part of the final predator construct

Parts Interface

AHL AHL-lactonase & fluctuating [AHL]
Predator construct at the device level.
AHL AHL-lactonase
Predator sensing test construct.
Predator sensing test construct.

Expected behavior and performances

System level specifications
Properties Specifications
Input Range(s) [0.01nm,10000nm]
Output Range(s) ?
Transfer function(s) 016transfercurve.png
Robustness Device should work for at least 10 cycles of the oscillator to match system level oscillator specifications.
Variability Variability at the device population level (day to day, device to device) should be as low as possible.