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Biophysics 101: Genomics, Computing, and Economics

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Date Presenter(s) Topic Slides
February 1 George Church Introduction
Human "experiment"
February 6 George Church
Shawn Douglas
Results from "experiment"
combinatorics, binomial distributions
exponentials in Excel
Python walkthrough
February 8 George Church Entropy & Complexity
Memory & Storage
Probability Distributions
February 13 George Church Binomial, Poisson and Normal distributions
Class discussion
February 15 George Church Easter Island & Discussion
Quantifying bioenergy requirements
Flux balance analysis
February 20 George Church Flux balance continued... PPT
February 22 Morten Sommer and Shawn Douglas Final project brainstorming PPT
February 27 George Church HapMap Data PPT
March 1 George Church Nutri/Pharmacogenomics PPT
March 6 Class discussion Projects ---
March 8 Class discussion Projects in more detail PPT
March 13 George Church Mutations PPT
March 15 Class discussion Homework: Automated sequence analysis ---
March 20 Class discussion Division of labor ---
March 22 George Church, Visitor: Esther Dyson Case Study #2: Narcolepsy PDF
April 3 Morten Sommer and Shawn Douglas Visitor: Joe Chou
Project planning
April 5 Morten Sommer and Shawn Douglas Group work ---
April 10 George Church Project discussion ---
April 12 George Church Multisequence alignment, Hidden Markov Models PPT
April 17 George Church, Visitor: Kirk Maxey Project discussion ---
April 19 George Church More Bayes, epistasis, allele frequencies PPT
April 24 All Project planning
April 26 George Church
May 1
May 3