Harvard:Biophysics 101/2007/04/19

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  • Same drill as last week. Post what you plan to do on your personal page, and link to it below with 1-line summary.
  • Remember to organize your links so we can easily review your progress in class.

smd 23:39, 18 April 2007 (EDT)


  • Chris Write SNP sequence parser and integrate QC code. Propose ideas for OMIM non-hits.
  • Zach Finish CDC prevalence 4-24 completion / consolidate CDS mutation code from earlier (delayed) / determine CDS from a gene input or blast search 4-26 almost complete
  • Tiff Learn how to & parse HTML and XML to extract info from MedStory searches
  • Cynthia Think about how to deal with non OMIM hits, as in the context of what was discussed in class on Thursday
  • Resmi Finish code to parse out keywords from Pubmed and think about how we can process non-OMIM hits. 4-24 Progress; 4-26 Progress
  • Xiaodi Genbank file parsing to work around issues with OMIM; will hopefully fetch genes of note and characterize SNPs
  • Deniz Bringing in the news, trials, news and such and keep working on the ranking.
  • Michael Still examining the possibility of estimating allele frequency and maybe penetrance based on Hapmap data combined with epi studies of particular SNPs present within a given allele for a sequence. Also starting to code up something that will make a polyphen query to handle sequences not in OMIM but found in BLAST and get back some idea of whether or not the mutation may be deleterious.