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Change Log

Information on changes to CAMRI scanners and equipment (in reverse chronological order, with most recent changes first).

11 January 2016: Red/green fORP button box in 3T-5: only one button is working.

10 December 2015: 32" BOLDScreen with eyetracker is installed in 3T-5. The 3D BOLDScreen is installed in 3T-3.

20 November 2015: BOLDScreen from 3T-3 has been moved to 3T-5. The original BOLDScreen is out for repairs. Projector can be used in 3T-3. Power switch is in the scanner room near the shelves. On the floor.

1 November 2015: 4-button fORP box moved from 3T-4 to 3T-5.

25 October 2015: EPrime on 3T-5 scanner PC upgraded to SP2 c.2015