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[[SBB11Ntbk-James Macaulay | James Macaulay]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-James Macaulay | James Macaulay]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-Averee Chang | Averee Chang]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-Averee Chang | Averee Chang]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-M.A.N.G. | Team MANG]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-Joey's Angels | Team Joey's Angels]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-Team Butterfish| Team Butterfish]]<br>
[[SBB11Ntbk-Team ToxRViol| Team ToxRViol]]<br>

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UC Berkeley BioE140L: SynBio Bootcamp, Spring 2011

You've reached the main page for 2011 SynBio Bootcamp, an undergraduate course taught by Chris Anderson in UC Berkeley's Department of Bioengineering! Our group project is to develop a set of "stress" parts that respond to the toxicity of certain expressed proteins. The goal is to have materials for categorizing the types of toxicities that occur in the cell as well as parts that can be used for feedback regulation of toxic genes. The best way to learn more about the project is to look at the individual parts being made on the Projects link.


Sequencing Log

Personal Pages


Gel pics


Chris Anderson
Rishi Rawat
Nikit Patel
Vinidhra Mani
Suhani Vora
Gary Dixon
Justin Wang
Amy Li
Helen Shi
Keith Licardo
Jessica Wen
Anand Kesavaraju
Xin Xin Lin
Shane Peralta
Chia-Hung Tai
Joseph Silo
James Macaulay
Averee Chang
Team Joey's Angels
Team Butterfish
Team ToxRViol