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Chris Anderson
Assistant Professor in UC Berkeley's Department of Bioengineering and instructor of SynBio Bootcamp (aka BioE140L). For more information about my lab, visit our website at
Hi! My name is Su :), I'm a student in synthetic biology lab course BioE140L. Su Profile.jpg
Xin Xin Lin

Rishi Rawat
I am Rishi Rawat. Rishi.jpg
Hi! My name is Joseph Silo (but you can call me Joey), and I'm a student in BioE 140L!

Hi, I'm Amy Li, a third year bioengineer in 140L: Synthetic Biology with Chris Anderson, spring semester of 2011!

A student in JCAnderson's synthetic biology class modified herself to be taller than the Eiffel Tower.
Amy hostelling in Paris.

Quick Links
Amy Li's Notebook
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140L: Synthetic Biology Home Page
- The Synthetic Biology Protocols Page

I'm Mary and I love to eat breakfast. Mary1.jpg
NAME: Chia-Hung Tai

Major: Bioengineering

Year: 4th year, graduating May 2011

My name is Nikit Patel and I like to cut things. (scientific things?)
... like DNA off of a gel.
Gary Dixon

Gary Profile.jpg
Hi my name's Averee Chang and I'm currently a student in BioE140L!

Averee Chang.jpg
Name: Justin Wang

Major: Bioengineering

Year: Junior graduating May 2012

Hi! My name is Vinidhra (Vini) Mani and I'm a student in BioE 140L! VM.jpg

James Marcus Macaulay My sister and I, can you guess what we're doing?
Hello! My name is Helen Shi and I'm a student in BioE 140L!
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My alter ego, Quail-man (Halloween 2009, Sacramento)

Me, Myself, and I

I was born in the Philippines but lived in California since 2000 and have lived in the east bay for 10 years. I’m currently an undergrad in the bioengineering department. Hit me up if you want to kick it!

Name: Keith Licardo
Email: kh (dot) licardo (at) gmail (dot) com
Interests: Bioengineering