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 ** All users must be trained before being allowed to use the Evo **
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The Tecan Freedom EVO 150 is a highly-versatile device equipped with a four-channel liquid handling arm and a 96-channel pipette arm. The instrument supports a wide variety of fluid transfer operations for all sizes of microplates as well as 150mm dishes and can perform operations including reagent addition, continuous reagent dispensing, sample transfer, plate replication, plate-to-plate transfer, serial dilutions, and within-well mixing. The EVO can accurately handle volumes between 1 and 500 µl and has the ability to perform virtually any routine liquid transfer, replacing manual pipetting. The Freedom EVO is user-friendly and runs the EVOware software package. The EVOware package allows for the creation of a virtual image of the platform (right) and allows the scientist to easily implement methods with a drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

Currently, The BioMicro Center offers very limited access to the EVO while we learn how to use to robot. If you are interested in being involved in the early use of the robot and being an active participant in the learning process, please contact Stuart Levine


BioMicroCenter-EVOware.png The Tecan EVO currently runs using the EVOware software package. EVOware can be run in either of two modes: directly connected to the Tecan EVO to allow control of the robot, or on your desktop computer in a simulation mode. Simulation mode is extremely useful in that it allows the user to pre-design the steps in their program. All users must download EVOware and design their protocols to be brought to the EVO.

** Currently all programs must be approved by Stuart Levine or Wendy Gilbert before being loaded onto the TECAN **


Labware refers to the plastic consumables used by the robot. These include the tips, tubes, plates, etc. Each piece of labware must be individually prepared for the EVO and each program must refer to specific pieces of labware. Failure to properly set up labware can cause expensive damage to the machine and significant down time. The BioMicro Center will stock a standard set of labware that will be included in the "Base.xsd" file.

LIST OF LABWARE - We are currently evaluating different types of labware. If you are interested in having a particular piece of labware, please make sure to edit the list.


  • 4 channel liquid handling arm (LiHa)
  • 96 channel multichannel arm (MCA)
  • 2 thermal control plate racks (4C - ??C)
  • 2 ambient plate racks



The TECAN Freedom EVO 150 is currently located in 68-4XX. The TECAN will be relocated to the BioMicro Center in early 2009. Because of the flexibility of the EVO system, all users are required to be trained prior to using the robot. Training can be scheduled in the BioMicro Center with Stuart Levine.


Access to the Tecan is available in 2 hour blocks. You can schedule use of the Tecan HERE

NOTE: Until March 2009, access to the Tecan will be restricted. Please make sure to contact Stuart Levine after you have scheduled time to be sure the room will be open


In order to defray the costs of the annual service contract, each session on the EVO will be charged $75.. Tips and 96 well plates will be available for purchase from the BioMicro center or obtained from your own lab. Additionally, training is required for all new users. A training session will be $100