20.20: Schedule

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Biological Engineering Design
Lecture Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1:30

Orientation Tue Feb 5 DE and NK
Application example 1 Thur Feb 7 modularity
Application example 2 Tue Feb 12 heredity
Application example 3 Thur Feb 14 energy
President's Day Feb 18 No lecture Feb 19
Nature as engineer Thur Feb 21
Nature as engineer Tue Feb 26
Nature as engineer Thur Feb 28
Nature as engineer Tue Mar 4
Nature as engineer Thur Mar 6
Report: Nature's successes Tue Mar 11 guest lecture Jon Beckwith advance reading for class: Chapter 2 "Making Genes, Making Waves"
Report: Nature's failures Thur Mar 13
Life by design Tue Mar 18
Life by design Thur Mar 20
Spring Break Mar 24-28 No class all week
Life by design Tue Apr 1
Life by design Thur Apr 3
Life by design Tue Apr 8
Report: Nature redesigned Thur Apr 10 modularity
Report: Nature redesigned Tues Apr 15 heredity
Report: Nature redesigned Thur Apr 17 energy
Patriot's Day April 21-22 No lecture/studio Apr 22 or Apr 23
Poetry 1 Thur Apr 24
Poetry 2 Tue Apr 29
Poetry 3 Thur May 1
Design and Specify, modularity Tue May 6
Design and Specify, heredity Thur May 8
Design and Specify, energy Tue May 13
Wrap-up Thur May 15 DE and NK
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