Zrusso Biol 368 week 5

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Electronic Lab Noteook

  • Using LibGuides and the Web of Science, we found a paper detailing the statistical characterization of the genetic diversity of HIV as it progresses to AIDS. It has been uploaded and can be found here
  • Last visit nucleotide sequences for our three groups are uploaded now. AIDS Subject Data is here, At Risk AIDS Subjects are here, and Not At Risk Subjects are here
  • The rooted tree of last visit for all subjects with random sequences can be found here in powerpoint form and here as a JPG.
  • while there does seem to be a correlation between those with AIDS and the commonality of their sequences, the fact that there are not some sequences that are not even close to the rest of their group that we have put them in is slightly disheartening.
    • Forgot how confusing the Rooted and Unrooted trees are. Because you can flip around each root node, some of the distances are not as far as it looks.
  • My section of the powerpoint can be found here. NOTE: ROUGH DRAFT. Media:Zeb_Russo's_section_of_HIV_progression_to_AIDS_ppt.ppt
  • Newest version including work from Bobby and I as well as changes from myself. Media:HIV_to_AIDS_Presentation_Alex_Bobby_Zeb.ppt
  • Final version of our powerpoint Media:HIV_Progression_to_AIDS_Alex_Bobby_Zeb.ppt
  • revision for presentation Media:HIV_Progression_to_AIDS_Alex_Bobby_Zeb_Presentation.ppt‎

BIOL368/F11:Week 5

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