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AIDS At Risk Prediction Project (AARPP)

  • Which six subjects of the fifteen developed AIDS and what were their correlations? i.e. CD4 counts, ds/dn ratios, etc.
  • We believe that the median ds/dn ratio will predict which six subjects got AIDS. Therefore, subjects 1,10,4,11,9, and 14 were the ones who developed AIDS
    • It is simply the CD4 count that determines who has AIDS, so all the rapid progressors have AIDS and no one else does. We now would like to determine who among the remaining subjects is at risk by comparing their ds/dn values and CD4 counts to the AIDS subjects.
    • We would also like to determine whether there is any similar clones across the AIDS subjects that indicates an onset of AIDS in the at risk subjects.
  • We would like to look at the last visits from subjects across AIDS positive, at risk of AIDS, and not at risk AIDS. This way we have a broad range of data points to compare to subjects with AIDS.
  • Found that the CDC definition of AIDS is anyone who is HIV positive with a CD4 count below 200/uL or less than 14% of all lymphocytes and once you gain an AIDS diagnosis, you cannot lose it. citation
  • Using Data Table 1 from the Markham paper, we want to decide who is at risk to gain an AIDS diagnosis in the near future and who is not at risk of gaining an AIDS diagnosis in the near future.
    • Looking at Figure 1, there are three groups of subjects. Those with AIDS (all rapid progressors), those trending towards AIDS (7,8,9 and 14) and those not trending towards or trending away from AIDS (2,5,6,12 and 13) just by looking at their CD4 counts at their last visits.

Figure 1 from Markham here

Data Table from Markham here

Excel version of Markham table here

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