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  • UV-vis of the 2,8,80,and 200 ppm PVA film solutions.
  • Finishing the exfoliated clay synthesis
  • Centrifuge the cation exchange synthesis
  • pXRD of the PVA-films from last class


Finish Synthesis of exfoliated clays

  • This procedure can be found on Friday, August 29th. After completion the films will be stored in water.

UV-vis of PVA films soaked in malachite green

  • The solutions we were able to measure the absorbance of 2ppm and the 8ppm without diluting, for the 80ppm we did a 50X dilution in which we put 0.5mL in a 10mL volumetric and for the 200ppm we did a 100X dilution in which we did 0.1mL into a 10mL volumetric

Centrifugation of Cation exchange clays

  1. Mass out exactly 27.42g into a 50mL flacon tube
  2. Centrifuge at 4,000RPM for 30minutes at 4 degrees Celsius
  3. Collect supernatant (dry on watch glass)
  4. Wash with water then centrifuge again
  5. Wash with ethanol and centrifuge again
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 again
  • Washing with water allows for the removal of any leftover sodium ions
  • Washing with ethanol removes surfactants

  • pXRD Preparation which can be seen on Friday, September 12th


UV-vis Absorption of the 2ppm and 8ppm Malachite Green Solutions

The purpose of this was to figure out how much of the Malachite Green was absorbed into the glass of the vials for each concentration. Our data focuses on the 2ppm and the 8ppm. Madeline's group tested the 200ppm and the 80ppm, James's group 200ppm and 2ppm, Michael's group did 80ppm and 8ppm

UV-vis Absorption of the 2, 8, 80, and 200ppm Malachite Green Solutions with PVA films

This is able to give us an accurate representation of how much Malachite green is being absorbed into the film based off the difference in absorption spectra. After the amount absorbed into the glass is calculated we will be able to get an even more accurate value of how much Malachite Green is being absorbed into the film.