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Preparation of New Films using Exfoliated Clay

Today we created a film using a exfoliated clay rather than plain sodium montmorillonite. The exfoliated clay has had all of its layers separated from one another. So, instead of having layers in water as before, we now have single sheets of material. Theoretically, this should impact the clay's absorption properties.

Dr. Fox prepared exfoliated clay solution for us that was 4% sodium montmorillonite.

As before we needed to make a 10% clay film, so we used 1g of PVA and 2.5387g of exfoliated clay solution. The calculations that led to these numbers can be found below.


A 10% clay has 1g of PVA and should have .11g of exfoliated clay.

.11g of clay = (4% solution)x = (0.04)x

x = 2.75g of exfoliated clay solution

Actual mass of solution used was 2.5387g.

DSC Calculations of Water Mass in Films

Figure 1. Shows the calculations for the mass of water in the films.
Water masses.png

New Malachite Green/PVA-Film Experiment

After the last experiment in which PVA-films with and without clay were placed in solutions of malachite green with various concentrations, it was noticed that some of the malachite green was absorbed by the glass vials in which the experiment was performed. We must, therefore, perform an experiment as before but we also need to allow the malachite green solutions to also sit in vials with no films added.

  • We set up our new MG/PVA-film experiment as follows
    • Pieces of PVA-only films were massed and placed in vials containing solutions of different concentrations of malachite green.
    • Additionally, our group placed just solutions of 80ppm MG and 8ppm MG in two vials to see how much MG would be absorbed by the glass.
    • The masses of the films and vials used can be found below:



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