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  • Preparation of 10% NaMT exfoliated materials
  • Perform pXRD measurements
  • Analyze DSC and UVVis data


  1. Exfoliated Clays
    1. 2.7756 g of 4% NaMT "sludge" was weighed out with 0.9996 g of PVA to synthesize the exfoliated film following the original protocol
  2. pXRD
    1. Samples were blotted dry with Kimwipes before being taped down the pXRD discs
  3. New Malachite Green/PVA Film experiments
    1. 200 ppm stock solution prepared by Madeleine and Alicia
    2. 80 ppm solution prepared by Eleni and Melvin
    3. 8 ppm solution prepared by Andrew, Tami and Michael
    4. 2 ppm stock solution was prepared using 1 ml of the 200 ppm stock solution and water in a 100 mL volumetric flask
    5. Samples of PVA film were cut and massed
    6. 10 ml of each solution were placed in separate vials with film samples
    7. 2 ppm and 200 ppm malachite green solution controls were taken by placing 10 ml of each in empty vials
      1. Madeleine and Alicia prepared 80 ppm and 200 ppm control samples
      2. Andrew, Tami and Michael prepared 8 ppm and 80 ppm control samples
      3. Eleni, Melvin and Becky prepared 2 ppm and 8 ppm control samples


  • PVA Film + Malachite Green Solution mass data: PVA Film Table of Values - MJJ.png


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