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Personal Information

I am an undergraduate student at the Center for Genomic Sciences CCG and I have been working in the UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team, that will take part at the next 2010 iGEM Competition. Our project aims to creat a light-based communication system between Bacteria.


  • Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico


My personal logbook, where I update the advances of my tasks can be found in the next link.

However, I have organized my logbook information in the following list of main topics to facilitate and make easier the access to the information for either interested person.

Blue Photoreceptor: LovTAP

Green Photoreceptor: Cyanobacteriochrome CcaS

Red Photoreceptor: Chimaeric photoreceptor Cph8

Blue light transmitter: LuxAB genes

Modeling the inBlue-outRed system