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Objective: Look for an approximation to calculate luminescence from our three modules

A first approach to model the production of light is the following:

 Luminescence=  (Velocity of the catalysis reaction) * (Concentration of Luciferase) * (Luciferin/ Luciferin + km)* RLU

The parameter RLU is a conversion factor that translates the number of moles of luciferin reacted into the RLU measurement by the instrument.


Sorokina, O., Kapus, A., Terecskei, K., Dixon, L. E., Kozma-Bognar, L., Nagy, F., et al. (2009). A switchable light-input, light-output system modelled and constructed in yeast. Journal of biological engineering, 3, 15. doi: 10.1186/1754-1611-3-15.