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Synthetic Biology Data Exchange

This working group is developing standards and technologies for the description of standard biological parts and the exchange (or networking) of part-related data.

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Synthetic Biology Data Exchange Group


We keep track of our meetings here:

Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL)

SBOL Website:

SBOL is designed to:

  • Allow synthetic biologists and genetic engineers to electronically exchange designs.
  • Send and receive genetic designs to and from biofabrication centers.
  • Facilitate storage of genetic designs in repositories.
  • Embed genetic designs in publications.

Read more about SBOL in the introduction

Find the technical details on the specification page

Development History

2010 May -

2009 December - 2010 April

2009 August - November

We have divided the working group into sub-topics, each with their own "Nurturer".

Further Suggestions:

2009 June - July

2008 Feb - 2009 May

The document describing the the first round of discussions (February - April) can be found here: