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My Interests:

 - Synthetic biology of proteins
 - Structural biology and modeling
 - Dynamics
 - Semantic web, See!
 - Python

A quick overview over my previous research is here:

We are about to publish a Structural Bioinformatics python platform:


See/Read you!

Raik Mr Raik,Hello! I am Gautam Krishnan .I read yr protocol on small scale expression in BL21DE3 with glucose.I need to repeat the small scale experiment to reconfirm if expression is present and also to modify and vary IPTG concentrations.Shoud I go ahead and streak out the Glycerol stcok I made last time in 10% glycerol as you suggested and then proceed. Are the steps as follows 1.Streak out 10%GS stocks on LB amp plate + glucose+ antibiotic 2.Grow single colony O/N 3.Subculture into 10 ml 2YT and proceed for induction Option 2 Inoculate from Glycerol stock into 3 ml culture overnight and proceed for induction tomorrow. I would appreciate yr reply

  • Gautam Krishnan: