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It looks like the plan is pizza. Jason plans to order pizzas for delivery from Papa John's. Right now his plan is to order:

  • 1 veggie
  • 3 cheese
  • 2 pepperoni
  • 1 green peppers and grilled chicken

We are expecting about 16 people (probably 12 of us and 4 of them). Is this enough pizza? Any requests on different types of pizza? If not, the above is what we'll get.

Please comment soon so I can get the information to him before he orders in advance.

  • Can we turn one of the cheese into a veggie, or maybe a mushroom? Tsbayer
  • This would be awesome because I have been wanting to see actually see one of these pizzas after seeing the box by the mailboxes - the 36" Big Papa pizza from Mama's and Papa's. The thing is enormous (so I hear). I'm ok with Papa John's, I just felt like mentioning the big pizza.Andrew

Lunch with the Miscellaneous group will be Wednesday, September 13th at noon. Please RSVP by Sunday night.

  • Where is lunch from? Are we going out or ordering in? Tsbayer
    • Probably ordering in unless people really want to go out. It seems to work better that way for large groups. Suggestions are welcome! Arwen

I'll be there! I'm hungry already . . .

Nope, can't make it

No response