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Kate E. Galloway

CIRM Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Southern California

Research Interests

Synthetic genetic control of signaling pathways

Reprogramming cellular fate

Direct conversion of fibroblasts into motor neurons

Role of noncoding RNAs in gene regulation and fate specification


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology 2012

M.S. Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology 2007

B.S. Chemical Engineering Univeristy of California,Berkeley 2005


  • Galloway KE, Franco E, Smolke CD: Dynamically reshaping signaling networks to program cell fate via genetic controllers. Science 2013, 341:1235005.[1] Related articles: Concentrating (on) native proteins to control cell fate[2] "Engineering off the beaten pathway"[3]

  • Chen YY*, Galloway KE*, Smolke CD: Synthetic biology: advancing biological frontiers by building synthetic systems. Genome Biol 2012, 13:240.[4]*These authors contributed equally to this work.

  • Kostal J, Mulchandani A, Gropp KE, Chen W: A temperature responsive biopolymer for mercury remediation. Environ Sci Technol 2003, 37:4457-4462.

  • Win MN, Galloway KE, Smolke CD. : Modular aptamer-regulated ribozymes. Patent No.8,158,595. (issued) 2012

Good Things to Read

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson[5]