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Survey of interest in consolidating the birthday celebrations on 8.31 (LdE & lKH), 9.2 (YC), and 9.10 (AB) to group lunch.

The final plan

  • As an alternative to two cakes on 8.31 and more cakes on 9.2 and 9.10 we will be having one blow out group lunch
  • When: lunch to be at 1 pm on Thursday 8.31
  • Where: the one and only Athenaeum
  • How: meet in 236A offices and walk over together

I CANNOT come Thursday 8/31 at 1pm

I prefer and will attend the birthday blow out lunch on 9.1

  1. Andrew Babiskin
    • I am good Thursday and Friday; Go Kobe! (by Kobe, I am referencing the burgers at the Ath, not the Lakers' Bryant)
  2. Yvonne Chen
    • Thursday is fine too.
  3. Chase Beisel
    • Any time on Thursday works for me.
  4. Kristy Hawkins
    • I can make it at 1pm Thursday.
  5. Christina Smolke
    • I would only be able to make it at 1 pm on Thu (not noon). Is that not a good time for anyone?
  6. Win
  7. Arwen Brown
    • Will my birthday be included, too? Thursday at 1 pm is fine for me.
  8. Katie Galloway
    • Thursday at 1 pm is fine for me.
  9. Jack Lee
    • Thursday at 1pm is fine too

I prefer eating lots of cake over the next week

I prefer lunch but cannot make (or would have trouble making) the 9.1 date

  1. Josh Michener
    • I could do Thursday
  2. Stephanie Culler
    • 1 pm on thursday is fine--Sculler 17:53, 29 August 2006 (EDT)
  3. Travis Bayer
    • How about Thursday?
  4. Kevin Hoff
    • Thursday would be better for me.
  5. Leo
    • Thursday would be better for me, but Friday works too.

I don't believe in celebrating birthdays

No response