Salomon Garcia: Week 8

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Chapter 2

  • This is the first portion of the assignment where we begin by searching for a particular entry in this case was dUTPase ecoli: and then we see the different options that it gives and this is how it looks:
The way a search looks
  • Once the search was completed the next part was to get the Fasta format for the sequences and this is what was retrieved:
Fasta format for sequence in example
  • Then another search was done and this time is for baker's yeast and this what an image looks like:
New search for baker's yeast

Chapter 4

  • For this particular chapter we begin by looking at a particular entry which in this case was EGFR_HUMAN and from this we see the entry information and accession numbers which was the case for this portion and this is what we see:
Entry Information
  • The next portion that we encounter in the procedures we see that how to look at the inforamtion of this particular protein and see where the origins of the name comes from. This is how the image looks like:
Names and Origins

Chapter 5

  • ORFing the DNA sequence:
    • Based on the exercise implemented on the Bioinformatic for Dummies an open reading frame was done this occurred by following the instructions and this is what the open reading frame of Rickettsia conoril looks like:

BIOL 398-01: Bioinformatics Lab

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