Salomon Garcia: Week 12

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  • Thus far we began by retrieving the data set form the openwetware site(in the DNA Microarray week 12 portion of the assignment). There Dr. Dahlquist had retrieved the data used by van de Mortel et. al.
  • Once we retrieved the data we began by categorizing the different data with there respective name and data as shown in the excel sheet that has ben downloaded below.

Data with Standard Deviation and Averages

  • Furthermore wants we positioned the data as wee needed.
    • We began to look for the averages and the standard deviation for each set of data as noted on the excel sheet.
  • On this excel sheet we began to do the statistical analysis following the information from the wiki a new sheet was used and labeled statistics. So far this excel spreadsheet is a work in progress.

Work in progress as of April 14,2010

  • This is the excel worksheet that has the scale centered data with there respective average folds as mentioned in the week 12 assignment

Average log folds have been calculated

  • This is the final excel spreadsheet with all the data that will be used in order to examine it by using Genmapp:

Final data with all the information needed

BIOL 398-01: Bioinformatics Lab

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