Salomon Garcia: Week 2

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Lab Journal Week 2

  • The objective was to use Molecular Biology and its essentials in order to make a true breeding purple flower.
  • Essential Information from Molecular Biology was used int this Experiment
  • Molecular Genetics Explorer was used to perform this lab. (Software that enables the usage of Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology)
  • PDF that was accquired in the main page of the course site
  • The main purpose of this assignment was to use the software to make a true breeding purple flower by using Molecular Biology.
  • What are the differences in allele sequences that you found in Part I?
  1. The Difference was found in the DNA Sequence on the 79 and 80 mark.
  • Do all white alleles have the same DNA sequences?
  1. No, not all of the white alleles have the same DNA sequence this is because there is something that is incorrect in the pigment sequence that is seen.
  • Which DNA sequences are found in the four starting organisms?
  1. The DNA sequence found in the four starting organisms were quite the same in the the first two exon sequences were the difference is seen on the third sequence. It is probable that this could be where the differentiation of the color in the pigment is coming from.
  • After this experiment and using concepts of Molecular Biology the making of a true breeding purple flower was able to be made. The way that this occurred was by changing the amino acid sequence and adding the protein that allowed for the making of this true breeding flower. This was only able to occur by doing trial and error which took some time but it occurred and it was accomplished. Overall, this lab was useful and helpful in assessing the skills that are necessary to accomplish the making of a true breeding purple flower.

BIOL 398-01: Bioinformatics Lab

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