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Research Interests

Current research goal of the YOON lab (a.k.a. NCEC lab) is systematic understanding of nanoparticle interactions with biological and environmental systems, based on the fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, and biology. To achieve these goals, it is crucial to have a well-established platform for studying these interactions under precisely controlled environments. As a strategic approach to achieve this goal, we adapted microfluidic technology as a platform technology to miniaturize, integrate, and automate multiple chemical/biological processes under the precisely controlled microenvironment and the following researches are actively in progress at our laboratory. : 1) developments of microfluidic image cytometry (μFIC) for in situ monitoring & analysis of cellular responses, 2) development of microfluidic particokinetics (μFPK) platform for monitoring NPs under in vitro cellular system mimicking in vivo situations, and 3) applications of combined μFPK-μFIC platform, where all the treatment, measurement, and analysis of adherent cells and NPs were conducted simultaneously under precisely controlled microenvironment with minimum disturbances.