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All New Members

  • Read GettingStarted with the lab wiki
  • Take a look at the General Intro to Mass Spectrometry Proteomics page for some good introductory resources
  • Add yourself to the Lab Members page
  • Get keys from Peggy (C107)
    • Peggy gives you a form
    • I sign the form and you return to Peggy
    • You pick up keys from Sam F. Brewster (BRWB) building
  • Pick out a desk (claim it by putting some stuff on it)
  • Read Lab Expectations
  • Read Lab Practices
  • Join the princelab chem/biochem network group
    • Have Dr. Prince initiate the request (princelab group link). If you don't already have a chemistry account, Dr. Prince will need your:
      • BYU ID#
      • RouteY login
      • Preferred contact email
    • see CSRs in 209 NICB (Nicholes Building) to complete the process
      • swipe BYU ID card
      • fill in the form
  • Email a member of the lab or Dr. Prince to invite you to the PrinceLab google group and set email settings to "send me an email for every new message" (this is how a lot of time-sensitive lab communication is done).

Students on Salary

IMPORTANT: You must go through the ENTIRE hiring process before you can be paid for your work (I-9 status must be confirmed before hiring, otherwise the department is fined $100 per offense).

  • Fill out and hand in request form found outside N-214 NICB
  • Wait for official go ahead [an email to Dr. Prince (and the student?)] before clocking in hours

Students Volunteering

  • You should take Chem 297R (or possibly Chem 497R) or another research credit from your department/college. You can take as little as 0.5 credits.

Lab Members Writing Code

If you are going to be contributing code you should get a github account and brush up on your Ruby skills. See Starting with Ruby and Version Control for more info about git, github and Ruby.

Lab Members Working in the Wet Lab

IMPORTANT: Every student is required to familiarize themselves with our Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan. Safety comes first! Please ask me if you have any questions.

If you have not taken Chem 201 and you will (or might) work in the wet lab, go to the library learning resource center and take the laboratory hazards training (not the lower level training the janitors get) [what exactly is this called?]

In addition, familiarize yourself with the Lab Practices page, which contains some particular pointers about how to use the space.