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Version control software allows a person to track changes to a project, encourages frequent backups, and allows editing from multiple locations. It can be a little difficult to use at first, but the common workflow is also quickly mastered. If you care about your project, why not version control it?


Git is the preferred version control tool of the Prince lab (bazaar and mercurial can also be recommended).
Why is git better than X?

git tutorial from the BYU CS department

The Git Reference is a little more in-depth, but also good for more in-depth learning about git.


Most of the code written in the lab is hosted on github, a social coding site. The code is mostly in the Prince Lab github organization. Make an account, clone the repositories, and start contributing!

Dropbox and Git for Everything Else

Collaborative writing and other things beside code can easily be shared over Dropbox and versioned with git.

When a project is over, move it off dropbox and onto our lab vault: sunserver:/groups/vault/research/princelab/git